My Old Soul

I have a memory of being in a group of soldiers of some kind, not sure with what regime or cntry, but it was at night mostly dark but could see well by the light of the moon, and i can still remember, the beating hoofs of the horses under us, and the chase of this very frightened creature, he had the head of a man and the body of a horse, he was running as fast as his four hoofs would carry him, but we did over take him and the soldiers threw ropes around the creatures neck, they were on top of him in no time and had taken a pole/spear and they to my horror!! shoved the spear down the throat of the creature and down thru it's horse like body/torso, i'll never forget the awful emotion it left me with ,and how they threw him into a very deep pit, only to cover him up so as to never remember his igsistance. They hated him, because he was different, i remember the attachment to this creature i had, it broke my heart, and the scream was horrifying. I am glad i do not relive this event to often anymore.. i do remember it was on a hillside where they caught up with him. then it ends, but i feel as though i knew him intimatly.
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Jul 14, 2010