An Old Peacenik

I was born during WWII, and my father was a soldier. I lived in Korea in 1947 when the forgotten war was about to start. In 1950 I was 8 years old and lived near Ft. Bliss, Texas. We went to the movie theater on the base and saw newsreels. I was so upset when they showed the guys going off to the "war" on the train. They waved out the window to their loved ones. That day a pacifist was born. I protested the war in Vietnam and every war since then. I marched through the streets of Albuquerque protesting the start of the Iraq war.

I just do not get it. What is the point of people shooting each other. Fighting seems so absurd to me. When I see videos of the ground missions in the middle east with soldiers in combat gear peeking around corners of walls, I just think what is the point?

Today as I write this everyone is recognizing the the 11th anniversary of 9/11. I hate that so many innocent people died that day. But I also shed tears for the 1000's of innocent people who have died in revenge of that day...not to mention our young men and women who fight there. All for what?
omabluebird omabluebird
66-70, F
Sep 11, 2012