Fighting. War. Hatred. Animosity. Loath, malice, vengefulness, hostility, aggression, violence. I am against all these things. I am a Shinto, born in Tokyo, Japan. There is nothing that makes me sadder and more angry that lives destroyed, lost, or ****** up in general from world conflicts, gang violence, people being crazy and aggressive in general. I knew a girl called Gina and she had a man try to rape her and choke her to death in a service driveway in back of a burger restaurant. He would have succeeded in raping and killing her had the cook of the restaurant had not come out the back door right then to throw a bag of empty french fry wrappers into the dumpster and seen her. The cook was her hero that day, as he attacked the rapist man and scared him off. And that's just one of hundreds and hundreds of attempts at murder, rape, shootings (well I guess that goes with murder), mugging, robbery, and all manner of unpleasant and injurious actions that happen each day. And then wars happen, and people from countries freak out and send in thousands of young men and women to either be killed or take the lives of others. And for what, to funnel cash into the war machine? Is this for monetary gain of a country's leaders? This is disgusting and inhumane, and I believe the human race on a whole needs to begin a world revolution. There is no point and no gain from violence and torture and killing and it should be put to a stop.
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Well said! I agree with you in every way.

Identifying everything that is wrong and unjust is a great start! But, that is only half the issue. The other half is how you personally choose to go about your life knowing all of this. I simply try to live out my life as if it were more than that of my own benefit. Also, to the best of my ability, I try not to contribute to the very same ideologies to contribute to this messed up world. <br />
However, I will admit that it sucks how I cannot just throw on a cape and save the world though...

I too am saddened by the reality that something similar to a superhero fighting for the good of all cannot exist in the real world. How convenient it would be...

I agree with you. I completely utterly agree with what you wrote. I can not stand and will not stand for things like this happening in this world. I was an active army combat soldier. I did fight. Only thing that gives me peace of mind is that I was fighting in self defense and defense of my fellow soldiers. Had I disobeyed orders there are a lot of bad things that could have been done to me from the military service. Though I am glad that my time of fighting ended towards the end when I had said I refuse to take the life of a child (I was speaking as a man who was a father for 12 as my daughter was born three months premature and died after 12 hours). I could not do such a thing for how could I do that and have children and look at them knowing I did such things. I stand against bullies and such adn stand up for people that cant fight for themselves. I fight when I have too. When I protect others. I applaud you for this story because it impacts my way of thinking along with relating to it.