I'm Quite Sure I'm Not the Only One...

Hi! I've been a Pagan for years now, actually just got my 2nd degree completed. I'm not really completely obvious about it... but I am serious about it.

My fiance, he has practiced before, years ago, but stopped when he discovered that "it was real" (his words). He comes from a very strongly Christian family, his father was at one time a preacher. They are some form of Baptist, I believe.

I have no issue with Christianity on the whole. I was raised Catholic, myself. After I was Confirmed in high school, I was even tapped to teach the next class. If they only knew, huh? My only "problem" with Christianity is the fact that they teach that they are the One and Only Way. I have that same problem with any religious philosophy that feels that way.

Now, back to it.

I know that with my fiance I don't have to hide myself or my religion. He does kind of look at me askew sometimes when I yell at a book or something.. but that happens even when I'm not reading pagan books. LOL

Yet... Sometimes I feel like he's trying to change me. To make me go back to Christianity. Like on Yule. I was explaining the significance of the Sabbat to my mom (who was once a die-hard Catholic, now is very interested in what it is I believe and do), and after talking to her, my fiance takes up the conversation. Challenged me to find a pagan god who was among us for the sole purpose of dying for us...

And another time, saying that I couldn't really be having a "real" relationship with my gods since they're not really, well, real.




Now, I'm definetly NOT going to change my beliefs, but I wonder if this is going to just keep going? I go to church with him when his parents drag us along, but I don't really participate that much, mostly because I don't feel it was be appropriate. I don't believe in what they do, so why should I pretend?

I've been told by his mother that eventually I'm going to come away from the "darkness" and all that sort of stuff. I told her good luck.

I love my fiance, I already consider him my husband... he's even agreed to have a Handfasting.

I guess what bothers me is that I don't try to change his religious leanings... so why does he mine? Or am I just over reacting?


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sounds like you may have to talkabout this one!