Blood Magick: Your Opinion?

Bloodletting is a tender subject for modern day witches. With this new wave of wiccans, it has been taught that bloodletting in the circle is more than wrong. I'd like to offer some real information on blood magick.

Before I get on with it, I'd like you to understand that this is not something I practice within every circle. Also, blood magick is not a joke, it should not be used frivalously! Blood magick is ancient and powerful.

The biggest reason why bloodletting in the circle has been condemned is for image. It's one of the things that has been omitted from the practice of witchcraft in the books that are available to us today. Partly for fear of people doing it wron and ending up in the hospital. I can understand an author and publisher not wanting to get sued. The other reason for the omittance of blood magick is in the creation of wicca. When wicca was brought into light, the idea was to make witchcraft publically acceptable. That means being fluffy and happy, and proving to christians that witches aren't evil. Hence, no bloodletting.

Now that you know the why, let's talk about the what and the how. Reasons to use blood magick can vary. There isn't much you can't do with blood magick, but I wouldn't suggest using it for every little thing. Blood is your life, your force. It's literally our essence, and like our lives it shouldn't be taken or given freely. Bloodletting can be used as a sacrifice of the self to a particular deity, it can be used to attract certain spirits, and also in typical spells for protection, love, prosperity, fertility, and the like.

Who knows that old love spell for women? You know, the one that sais put your minstral blood in a mans meal to make him fall in love with you. This is ofcourse a form of blood magick. Bodily fluids in general are extremely potent. This spell in particular, like the witches' bottle is very old. I know I've seen plenty of references to the witches' bottle in modern books, but not many of them tell the origional spell. Some do mention the yucky bits, others don't. If you'd like a spell for the witches' bottle let me know and I'll post it, but I'm getting off course here.

How do you do it? Well, for fear of also not getting sued (which by the way it's like trying to squeeze orange juice out of a tomato in my case), here is my disclaimer: Do not try this at home! If you do, you are acting on your own free will and I cannot be held accountable for your actions! The following are opinions gathered from my own practices, and in NO WAY do they instruct you to harm yourself.

That being said, here goes.

When I decide that blood magick is necissary, I get myself a brand new exacto. Though it is new, I clean it with alchohol to remove any oils or chemicals left by it manufaturing process. Then, durring ritual at the correct time, and better durring offering, I make a very small, very shallow cut on the side of my wrist. Not on the wrist, on the side bellow the thumb about even with that bone that pokes out (i don't know what that bone is called. Lol) I don't always do it there. In some cases depending on mood, I could ***** my finger, cut a more meaty spot which hurts less, or pull off a scab which could actually be added to the spell. I know, gross. But it's better for those who just can't cut themselves.

Once the blood is let, what do you do with it? Well that would depend on what the spell is for. Blood can be smeared onto a paper or photo to be burned, it can be dripped into an offering fire or onto offering plate, or onto an object belonging to someone the spell is directed toward. (Note: I do not recommend directing a spell toward a specific person. Really.)

I would really like to hear what other witches think about blood magick. I welcome all comments, though I will not engage in arguements. I will accept any questions and answer them to my own ability. I will probably post this in a few groups to be sure that the intended audience gets to read it. Thank you for reading.
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before i go on im still new to magick in this life at least i feel i use to practice it before but idk when or as who and i cant remember the spells least not yet now that being said i do agree never use blood lightly being what i am i dont like blood or life essence being wasted but i dont fear using it you do need it for some things now to using magick on others i disagree mainly becose i have tried healing magick on others no results so far do to my weekend state but i also use harmful magick on others tho only thos who have hurt the ones i love yes i know karma will get me but i embrace it proudly

We officiated at a handfasting with blood sharing one time. The couple had lived together for about 5 years. They got a divorce about 3 months after the official handfasting. They needed to make their union official and complete so they could officially end it. My HPS and I both guessed that was the reason when we officiated at the ceremony for them, and we were right. Its hard to fool a witch.

The blood they wanted and shared was for death of their union. It would have been for a permanent marriage if they had shared a great rite and conceived a child together. They didn't want that, just to bleed. I was glad that they found a way to end their destructive union. It was better for both of them, and for their children by prior unions.

I agree with you about life essence. It makes the spell that much stronger.
Also agree with you about not directing a spell at anyone person. That is one rule i did learn as a wiccan, is what you send out you will recieve ten fold.

Bravo sister. So far you are the first brave enough to have an opinion. Most witches today shun the practice. But it holds a power that other practices don't. Thanks for commenting.