All My Life

I've been creating for as long as i remember. It didn't become a formal part of my life until my mid 20's. I was confused about what I wanted to do with my life, working at a dead end job, taking a year break (which turned into 4 years) from college. One day I looked around my apartment, really looked and realized that I had acquired a drawing table, an easel, canvases, paints, brushes, sketch books, palettes (both oil and watercolor) and it hit me...I love art. It is what I want to do. A fire woke in me and I went back to school and tore through my courses, loving it, hating it, consumed by it. And it has been my life ever since.

Of course I love painting my own visions most of all, but I sometimes do portraits (that's how I earned quite a bit of my money while in college). I'm finding it harder and harder to accommodate other people's preferences, making portrait painting a bit more difficult. Ah well. I sell my paintings as I can, teach art to make a living and draw inspiration from everything I encounter, life, people, fiction, poetry, music, animals, weather, etc, etc. There were so many directions I could have taken, but this is the one for my life.
artistAgnes artistAgnes
Jul 14, 2010