God Is Reality

I didn't know such a word existed until a few days ago!  I have forever tried to convey my ideas to other people, who never understood.  I didn't know there was a word for my idea!  This is so exciting.  I no longer have to describe everything.  I can just say in response to the religion question "Go look up pantheism!"

Oh my, this is just too neat.  For once someone got it.  I was explaining to a man that I feel "God is reality, and reality is God"  Everything is God.  And the Bible is so accurate because it reflects nature.  Conceptually, the bible is real and true, as it is a reflection of the human spirit.  (When I tell people I believe the Bible to a certain extent, and I sympathize with Christians, they misunderstand me. I believe the Bible has a divine source, but the divine source is the human, existence, the stumuli to perception transference, adaptation, concepts of time and space, numbers, etc) In that case, all books are true as they express ideas, and ideas create reality.  Nature its self, everything from the atomic level on up to the concepts of the human mind, and the interaction of all life on Earth are what give power to existence.  Nature is God.  God in the Bible is a personification of reality!  Man creates God, God creates Man, its all the same.  And as I was trying, rather sloppily, to convey this idea to this person, he stopped me and said "Oh, you're a pantheist".  I was just shocked that the idea had a name.  I knew other people had probably thought of it, but I didn't expect it to be a religion of its own.  I'm very pleased.

Even when reading and agreeing with many of Spinoza's ideas, I hadn't realized the correlation in our thinking can be attributed to this belief in pantheism.  Cool

P.S. Its funny, Christians mistake my conviction that "God is Reality" to mean that Im saying "God is real"
Which, indeed, can be taken as such and still be true.  Pantheism may be supportive of theism and atheism both!  Interestingly enough..
 I suspect, though, they think this only because they fail to grasp that God may just be an abstract representation of what already Is, and because they are okay with ignoring differing perceptions of grammtical structures.  Ok with ignoring in general, eh?   C'est la vie!  Their belief in hell places them in it, while I may flourish even in fire.  Life is good.

Cade Cade
1 Response Mar 3, 2009

No, no. If you believe in the bible ... You're not a Pantheist. We don't believe in the Christian God.. nor the bible. We don't believe in any supernatural being as a "god". The universe is our "god" ...natural. Our creator is the universe. Pantheism is about ... Basically, the universe created us ( literally. Proven by science ) ... It's obvious, sorry. And we worship the universe as the ultimate reverence. But nothing supernatural like God...

I'm positing that Christians also believe in the universe but mistakenly put a human face on it and call it "God".

Humans, and the concept of "God", and the Bible, are PART of the Universe.
The universe is very big and complex, but is also very small and simple. Don't overthink what I'm saying.

We, humans, are the universe observing (or attempting to observe?) itself.