Men And Panties

I've noticed when I go to any website that sells womens panties ( Sears-K-Mart-J.C.Pennys-etc.) when you read the reviews for panties,pantyhose or other intimates most reviewers if not all in some cases are MEN. Hey what goes on here ? I'll tell you whats going on . One hell of a lot of men are wearing panties and other intimates and the retailers know it.
mustangsally1965 mustangsally1965
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5 Responses Aug 13, 2010

mustangsally1965, thanks for bring that up, I thought I was seeing thing but, apparently I was not. LOL

Not to sidetrack the panties thread, but pantyhose have become men's wear. I've read that men purchase somewhere between 50% and 65% of the pantyhose on the market today. The rest of the male world should just suck it up, put on a pair of silky panties, and sheer pantyhose. After they get over the shock of their their raging hardon (or that they orgasmed involuntarily into the lingerie) they will realize why crossdressing is pretty normal.

When your out look at womens legs. The vast majority are going without hose. I think in some cases they feel liberated by doing so. And I love to wear thigh-hi's and pantyhose. Go figure.

I'd wager that we must be keeping some of these manufacturers going. How many women wear full cut briefs these days?

We can only hope. I say burn your boxers and buy some panties.