Suggestions For Panty Wearing Men

Today I read a story in the Boston Globe, in an advice column.  A woman was very distressed because she just found out her husband likes to dress up in women's undies and clothes - though in secret.  She went on to say how she is going to need psychiatric counseling and thinks the incident is going to ruin her marriage, even though she said he's a great husband and father.

The poor guy thought his wife would be more understanding when she found out, but is now learning the hard way that he should've "tested the waters" first.

Perhaps all you guys who haven't let their wives or girlfriends in on their secret yet could try this:

For Halloween, tell your significant other you want to dress as a woman, and ask her to help you out.  Play dumb, saying you don't know what to wear and could you borrow some of her clothes.

I once read of a couple who did this and they both got so turned on by the whole idea that after the Halloween party, they had the best sex of their lives - while he was still dressed as a woman!

At least this way, you can get an idea whether your wife or girlfriend would be turned on or off if you came out in the open about your secret.

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I've mentioned this in other stories but here it is for those who have not read it. The way I told my wife was to buy some roses for her. We had not had sex in a while and it thought this would be a good way to tell her. I also bought a matching thong and put it on her pillow. I gave her the flowers and she loved them. I then went and took a shower. While showering my wife came in and chatted and then went back to the livingroom. I then dried off and put on my thong that matched the one I just bought her. I went into the livingroom and asked if she saw what was on her pillow. She smiled and said yes. We later went to the bedroom. She put on the new thong and I took off my pants and she saw my thong and said somethig like "My!" She said when did you start wearing those? I said for a couple of weeks and that I had done some research and found many men wear them and love them. I asked if she would like to see my collection and she said yes. So I brought them in and laid them out on the bed. She fell in love with my chose of styles and colors. We went on and had a good ******* session. The next day we went shopping to find her some panties to match some of mine. We have since gone shopping several times for matching panties. She also has shopped and up dated her collection and she gave me some of her panties for my collection. Some of the ones I had she took because she liked them. I did not mind because she was happy and I was happy to be able to be in the open about my wearing panties. I love thongs, but my wife isn't a big fan of them but wears them when she feels horny or we're going to have sex. I hope this post helps those of you who are wearing panties in secret.

I find the Halloween idea pretty good. I "lost" my wife when I confessed about what I am up to. My dream would have been to stay together with her, even though I am actually a girl myself. I was hoping she's somewhat "gay" to evetually like it. But no, she turned out to be straight all the way. As time passed and we separated, the girl inside me advanced to a point where I would not mind a relationship with a man that loves t-girls. All of it went as far as I don't feel like being a man at all anymore.<br />
It all started with me too, like 20 years ago when I discovered I love to wear panties. And it kept advancing, the more I started to dress feminine. I always thought I am straight, sexually.<br />
I think all those guys loving to wear women's lingerie are holding the girl inside them back, because they are in despatate fear of losing their grown reputation as a "tough" man.<br />
I got over that and I came out of the "closet", finally. And I feel much happier since. I can now do whatever I want as the girl I really am. If you try to beat the girl inside you into submission, you will never, ever become the person you really are. Period.

That is a wonderful idea for any man that wants to don a dress . Yummy ! I can see it now bearded men in combat boots prancing around in short skirts. No offence to the Scots.

My wife feminized me. She buys all my feminine clothing and I do all of the housework. She insists that I wear panties, calls me "Sissy" at home and prefers me wearing a skirt or dress at home. I am an obedient sissy housewife and am subject to her discipline. My masculinity is gone, but, I have no regrets. I love my lifestyle, even if I am allowed to ********* only twice per month. Note: she has ******* twice per week, usually.

you ,when comfortable with the other person that makes you a couple gotta tell whats up and if he likes lingerie , or more intence sexual fun as well as her gotta say something if you dont you loose it all of it reguardless of sexxes involved going closet cant help a long term realationship only a hard-ship you will be stuck single and with a mess that gonna bring you down and if the other doesnot respect you they will talk and its not rite but you wornot truthfull to you or the other and too add i have never had a girl mind or be bothered w/ my panty thing and its all about being open with it

Any day is a good day to put a dress & etc., on!

I have said this before, and even had little spats with some people about it... I mean.. who the hell CARES??? I mean, really?!? It's cute if a girl wears guy clothes... why not the other way too?

If you look anything like Tim Curry dressed in lingerie... I'll be all over you! :-)

True, but there must be other holidays that require dressing up.

Too bad if you don't celebrate Halloween!<br />
<br />
Not all the world does!!

You'd hope that couples could share more with each other than they actually do. My policy (after a few hard lessons) has been to share everything that could possibly affect a relationship. If they can't handle it then that's one stress you don't need.