But What Is A " Panty Slave? "

Is it a male (of course, understood, makes no sense if we are talking about a female - or does it?) who is slave to his urges and has to wear panties to satisfy those urges? Is it a slave who wears panties? Is one who, as a slave, must wear panties?

I admit I am slave to my urges and satisfy them by wearing panties. I have tried to go butt naked but questions of hygiene always made me uncomfortable, even when I was parading my naked self in front of clothed females. I would rather they know I like to wear women's panties than be naked (NOT that I am ashamed of my **** or its size). But is that what people really mean by "panty slave?"

But now, in addition, a recent change in my life. I have given myself, voluntarily, freely to MistressP, I have offered my self as Her slave. She has given me the tremendous honor of accepting me to be her slave. So now I am a slave who wears panties. Is that what people really mean by "panty slave?"

MistressP is NOT trying to turn me into a sissy. I believe She has enjoyed some of the pictures of me wearing panties outside (logger Satin) but I have no orders to wear panties. As She has said Her favorite panties for me to "wear" are the panties I remove from Her body so She can stuff them into my mouth as a gag. I like those best of all, too.  So, am I a "panty slave?"
MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
70+, M
Aug 13, 2010