My First Time In Panties

I was 8 years old when I was in grade 3 and was picked to be an elf in a Christmas play with another male friend, Paul, and two girls. Our costumes consisted of a green tunic and red tights . The tunic was made by my mother from a pattern that our teacher supplied while my the tights had to be bought . When my mom had me try on the costume we found that the tunic didn't leave a lot to the imagination as it was shorter than she expected. My underpants could clearly be seen, not only in the back but also in the front to a certain degree. To remedy the situation the following day she went and bought some beige-coloured, nylon panties which came in a package of three.

These panties were of the full-cut style which still are my favourites. When I tried on the costume I could not believe the feeling of wearing panties. I was hooked! Although one could see the panties they didn't stand out like my underpants did and only if someone looked very closely could they see the gusset seams at the front and back.

It was unbelievably exciting on the day of the play as I dressed in my panties and tights for the whole day at school. Paul and I also found out that we both liked being in panties, especially together!
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That is really neat. You have a real resourcefull mom and you have her to thank for introducing you to the joy of wearing panties! As for your friend Paul, did he have his own panties or did he borrow some of yours?