Geronimo Strikes Again

i went to court, the recused city judge for the 1st time in 19 years did not have a pro tem preside. when i objected, she charged me with contempt, i was expecting her to say "objection noted." i guess after so many years of this antagonistic history of the verge of her retirement she would get the last say. she fined me 500 dollars and 10 days in jail, i posted bond within the hour, but she was not done yet, she called the jail and had them put me in a holding cell until after 5 pm causing me to spend the night in jail.
1. do i have cause to
2. can i charge a city judge w/ conspriacy or s/t
3. can anyone help "PLEASE"
geronimone geronimone
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Did you go to court to represent yourself or someone else? I am not a lawyer. I am a paralegal. Therefore, I do not give legal advice. However, here in Louisiana, a paralegal cannot address the Court. Only Pro Se litigants and attorneys are allowed to do so.