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I am a paramedic. Have been for the last 15 years. Hard to believe it is that long now. I love this job.  Oh I have my days of complaining about it, feeling unappreciated and used, but than I have that call. You know the one, the baby that needs help or the older person that treats you like their own. I could go on. I think you have to concentrrate on the good calls. To concentrate on the bad ones, will only pull you into misery. Go out, do the best you can and let God take care of the rest. That is ALL you can do. 
Percheron Percheron
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4 Responses Aug 31, 2010

what country do you work in?

United States

What happens if your called to someone with autism over there?

LOL a cop?

You have a great job! First on the call first to save a life! Great job. I know. I've done it! First on the site and I saved a mans life ! Keep on doing. Xx

Thank you. We don't hear that very often. It is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!