Burn Out

     For almost 10 years I have given my heart, soul, and sanity to a community and a service who couldn't care less.  I have been punched, slapped, spit on, kicked, cussed, and talked down to.  I have held dead babies, dead grannies, and every age in between.  I've picked up their heads, their brains, and their limbs.  My dreams are invaded by their faces and their screams.  Their images chase away my sanity.  This job...this lifestyle consumes my life and steals my happines.  Yet daily, I return to the scene of the crime.  I drive down the streets and see the blood.  I pass by the houses where the ghosts wave at me and smile.  Daily...I pay for what you, society, have done to each other.  Daily, I cry for your loss. 

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6 Responses May 17, 2009

Thank you. I've been in fire or ems for ten years. I've worked that whole time in california. I've worked for the state of california and many private ambulance companies. This is beautifully written. I see my ghosts smiling back to.

What country do you work in?

Paramedic for 18 years on the front line and so tired of it.Too tired,too tired to even carry on writing this.............

What country do you work in?


What happens if your called to someone who has autism and what part of England do u work in? I'm arking as I live in the uk

Do you mean England UK or USA?

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I am a Paramedic Student and begin my first placement in January. This is such a powerful piece of writing, I hope that the aspects of the job you have mentioned do not cause me to leave. Thank you for such an honest account.

What country do you work in?

I feel your pain... I really do.

Beautifully written...tears-worthy.