Showing the Way-pychopomp Ritual

Many years ago a dear friend committed suicide in her home that she had cleared the land and built herself by hand. She had a boyfriend that did not live in the area year around. When she died he was in the neighborhood, leaving for a seasonal job several months later.

That summer a very powerful Shaman who lives 100 miles away began asking people she knew in our area if anyone knew of a recently deceased person whose spirit might be calling out to her for help in moving on. And several of us said separately yes we felt we knew someone who was lingering. So the Shaman contacted the family and they too agreed to allow this ritual, they too had felt that she might be lingering.

It was a beautiful day when we all gathered at our friends home out under the trees at the driveway entrance. We all proceeded to the house together. The ceremony was lovely, spruce pitch and sage smoke and drumming filled the air.

After the ceremony we were leaving when we reached the end of the driveway where we had been the forest floor had bloomed with a carpet of lady-slipper flowers. A beautiful thank you to us from her.
When her boyfriend returned he was telling one of us, not me, that His girlfriend had been visiting him ever since her death. And he felt she was calling to him to join her. Then suddenly She was gone.

He was then told of the Pychopomp ceremony that had been done. He was angry at first, because he missed her so, but then very quickly he was very happy for her and himself, because he had been having suicidal thoughts, which he had never had before in his life, and they had stopped with her leaving and moving on.
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I'm sorry for your loss but that is a very interesting story...and i too wonder why she would try to influence him

hello, great story we all enjoyed it thanks for sharing it with us. Bill/LAGS

Interesting... I wonder why she would have tried to influence him though (aside from the fact that had been together while alive.. ) sounded very lovey per say until than... not so much..