Ufo Cults

The Urantia Foundation

The Urantia Foundation is a ufo cult based on a book called "The Urantia Book", which was written through the occult practice of trance channeling - meaning that the book was essentially written by demonic forces. The book attempts to rewrite certain Biblical passages to suit the cult's purposes, a practice that is very common in the world of cults and the occult. A hodgepodge of religion, science (pseudo-science) and philosophy, the book claims superiority to all other religious texts, and plays on people's hopes and fears to lure them into this dangerous demonic ufo cult. The promises made on the official website are generic and typical of most cult religions - revelation of secret truths (an occult practice), enlightenment, happiness, and a host of other claims that they can't provide.

The International Raelian Movement

Another popular ufo cult, this group has thousands of followers around the world, and has done research into DNA and cloning - for which they received media attention. They believe that the earth was deliberately 'seeded' with DNA from another planet. They borrow certain religious views and even texts from both Buddhism and Christianity, and even claim (as most cults do) that their interpretations / translations are superior to all others. They use occultic telepathy to communicate with their 'aliens', the same practice which is known to allow communication with demons - undoubtedly the true creators of this cult. Their website advertises "intelligent design for atheists", a clear recruiting tactic for the secular world. Other claims of the cult include discovering the purpose of life and the secret to peace and happiness. I can tell you right now that relationship with God is the purpose of life and Jesus is the secret to peace and happiness. This cult is demonic because it turns people in the opposite direction of God, which is what all demonic influences everywhere are trying to do.

The Unarius Academy of Science

This ufo cult was founded when a man received psychic communications from 'extraterrestrial beings' in the 50's. They teach past life regression and clairvoyance as well, soundly rooting this cult in numerous demonic and occultic practices. Despite the fact that the galactic fleet did not land on earth in 2001 - as predicted by the cult's leader - this group is still relatively popular. Their website proclaims it to be "A scientific and educational organization". Like all similar cults, they offer classes and training for their ideology. Again, this cult - just like all the others - claims to be able to 'heal life problems'. A testimony or two on the home page, and the trap is set. Soon people are lured into this dimension of the occult.

Other ufo cults include Swedenbogianism, Theosophy, mighty I AM movement, FIGU Society, and Aetherius Society
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May 11, 2012