Tommy Mcelroy Wheelchar Accessible Car Fundraiser

With the five-year anniversary of Tommy's accident fast approaching, we are reaching out to our friends & family to help get him a wheelchair accessible car. This would allow him more freedom, independence, and would change his life.

~~~Thomas McElroy's Story~~~

Many of you know Tommy's story. In 2005 Tommy fell at work from a scaffold that broke beneath him, resulting in paralysis from the waist down. What a shock it was to find out he would never walk again.

Tommy is a married 57 year old father of two adult children and has two young grandchildren. Born in the Bronx, he was raised in a Irish family that emphasized hard work and determination. Today he lives in Mahwah, NJ with his wife, Kathleen. Thomas has always been the primary income for his family. That all changed due to the accident. After many months in the hospital, and then at Kessler Rehabilitation Hospital, Tommy returned home to his family unable to go back into the workforce.

In true 'Tommy Style,' he never asked, "Why me?" Instead he picked up the pieces and tried to live life as he normally would. Unable to work, he immersed himself in volunteer work, helping others, and his family.

Unable to drive since the accident, but motivated to improve his independence, Tommy recently completed driver training at the
Kessler Hospital . We are now looking into securing a special car equipped with hand controlled devices ( including brakes ) that allows a paralyzed person to drive. Those of you who know Tommy know that he is probably the hardest working man you've ever met. He wants nothing more than to get back into the workplace and feel that sense of accomplishment again.

Tommy never complains. He doesn't even really speak much of that day in 2005. He lives a fulfilling and happy life with one thing missing: his complete independence. He doesn't rely on anyone for anything, except to get from here to there. A car is the only gift we can give him after all the great and many things he has given and taught all of us.

Thanks to the Andy K. Memorial Foundation, we are $5K closer to his goal of independence and a sense of freedom. Now we need your help to make up the rest of the money needed. Any donation that you can make would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening to Tommy's story and helping him towards his dream to give him back a little of what was lost.

With Sincere Gratitude,

The Family of Thomas McElroy
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Jul 21, 2010