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In '07, I kept falling down and ended up in the local hospital, which was hell,undergoing test after test, until they discovered what was wrong. Some staff infection was eating my thoracic spine, specifically T7 & T8. It devoured bone mass and all completing devouring my 7th and 8th vertebrae and spreading. I ended up paralyzed from the waist down and going back and forth from the hospital to a local nursing home. More hospitals, pneumonia, other complications, IV drip antibiotics and my infection was immune to many antibiotics they used. I ended up in a large hospital where they 'filleted' my back and re-built my spine from T6 down below T9. The turtle shell came next and many months of physical therapy. Depression, pity, you name it, the total broad spectrum of emotions....My immediate family, consisting of two older sisters left me to rot in the nursing home. By the Grace of God and sheer determination i made it into an assisted living place which was no fun either. I finally got out of there and made it home! I passed a strenuous two hour driving test and reached independent living. A couple of months later I was rear-ended by a drunk and un-insured driver and there went my neck and right hip and right shoulder. April '09 I had a frontal decompression surgery on my neck and in Sept. '09 had my right hip replaced. as of yet, my right shoulder injury from the wreck is still like it was. Can you believe I have had enough surgeries, doctors, therapy, etc? Before all of this I had had my left hip replaced in '04. Now I am a bionic woman using my wheelchair, walker, shower seat, you get the drift. I thank God every day I am still at home with two twin sister cats!
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I'm sorry that you went through all of those treatments, it sucks. I'm a paraplegic too. I had a rare type of staph abcess, two of them, they were the size of grapes on my spinal cord. As a result, thats how I got my spinal cord injury. In my case I had an incomplete spinal cord injury. Mine happened in September of 2011. I was also weak on one side also. My Doctor ordered an MRI and thats is how I was diagnois. I had emergency surgery, I was told that I was going down hill fast. I was in ICU for several weeks. Luckly I had a great team of Doctors that helped save my life. But things weren't hunky dory for me either. I struggled through my PT sessions as well as OT sessions. After my stay at John Muir Hospital, Walnut Creek, CA , I had to go to a Nursing Home too. I was abused there also. My Husband and my sons visit me there just about daily. Even my son, who cut school -he also visited me too. I finally came home in mid December. I came home in a wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair really depressed me. I hated that I would see people walk around, drive around, also I hate people who are lazy too. At that time I hated life. I still wish I had my life back. After PT daily therapy I was totally exhausted- but I stuck through it. Over time I "graduated" from a wheelchair to a front-wheel walker. Then I graduated from a four pointed cane to a single-pointed cane. For me this experience forced me to either sink or swim. After "walking" around with my side-kick cane, I reach the point that I could drive again. I felt as though I was reclaiming that was rightfully mine. It has been a year and a half since I been home. It has been a hard road for me. All of this was because I did have the support of my family. The PT and the OT gave me the knowlege to excell foreward. Don't get me wrong, but I did have my bad days. There were times that I would throw the towel, I just couldn't cope. My thoughts are with you. Take care of your self the best way you can because you can only depend on your self. God Bless,Ceendee

i been a parapeligic since 2009 t9 chest down with only one arm working and im living at home by myself my wife let me couldnt handle injury but im making it with nursing help they come in for 2 hours in morning and 2 at night im by myself the rest of the time keep positive