Bill Cherry

accident in 2009 i am now a parapeligic from the chest down i also have a brecal plex tear in the right arm which i cant move i only have the use of one arm which makes it really hard to transfer and i have no upper body strenth im trying to get stronger day by day but it is really hard before my accident i was a real outdoors manĀ  i owned a bicycle shop which i sold in March it was just to much for me to handle in my condition but i have three kids that keep me really possitive i have a 16 year old son and an 8 and5 year old daughter unfortanlly my wife left me about four months ago said she couldnt handle living with a crippple she took the kids but i do get to se them every day after school and they stay with me on the weekendwe do have a nanny that has been with us for five years and she is a blessing in discuse she drives me any where i need to go and takes care of me more than anyone i really couldnt do it without her she truly is an angel sent from god
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Apr 5, 2012