Rough Stuff.Stay Tough

hi.guys i am 23 years old.i met with an accident 8 months and my two friends..friends like brothers going to of my friend asked me to stop the he wants to pee..i stopped the car..and pulled my seat back to relax.when he came back.suddenly we got hit from the backside.i don't know by which we got hit.they took me to the hospital after six days.i was out of the qoma..and then i came to know that i lost my senses..i got d5..backbone was broken and nerves got compressed.. from then my life changed.doing all the stuff on bed like eating.passing my stool.urine without even knowing..i was the who use to roam alot with my buddies..but my life changes in seconds.. but still i thank god that my parents or my family is not in my i can see my self in pain not them.i wants to do many things for them.wants to give them a happy life.and surly i will do it.i am trying as hard as i can.will walk for them.and you know what i can walk with the braces half knee half calf..and my doc use to say that he have not seen any of his patient walking without back braces of a patient like my injury.. got many things to say..but i am not able to share don't know why..just don't loose positive..think good..think about your gives you strength.. i have faith in GOD in my family who is supporting me..and in MYSELF..that i will walk..will be doing all the things i do before..doing my stuff by my cleaning my **** and all..have many things to say many..but i am not able to.. and one thing rough stuff stay TUFF..will add more for help people..all the details about being paraplegic..feel free to talk..may be it will..who knows..what i can learn from you..and you can learn from me..
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2 Responses Mar 25, 2013

Stay strong, it will get better. You seem very determined. I wish you the best.

thank you bruv...

Thanks much repect to u also. Where r u?

where am what..imean asking for my country.??