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Hi everybody,

              I am 26 years old paraplegic from India. I had an accident in 2006 july. It was a car accident. I got a complete spinal cord injury in d-6,d-7 level. I am facing this situation with a big smile and intension. I am not from a financially sounded family. Treatment expenses and rehabilitation process are not affordable here.So i didn't do physiotherapy regularly. That was affected my health badly. We lost our own home for my treatment expenses. We are staying a rented house now.Life of a paraplegic in Indian situation is really hectic. So i want to do something for the welfare of this community. At the first stemp i registered an NGO here. It's name is Can Walk Society. As our first project we conducting the road safety campaign in all the colleges in our state with the cooperation of University Unions. It was a great experience for them. Now we are trying to start a rehabilitation centre for paraplegics here. That centre will provide physio,occupational ,vocational therapies for paraplegics. We are tryingto start a massaging centre with  the cooperation with some traditional ayurvedic practitioners and doctors. It will give the strength of the body. Also trying to contact with any funding and research agencies to do stem cell research here. If you are interested to give suggestions or help to us please contact me through this email 

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I m a 39 year old paraplegic, I hope u exercise everyday

i really appreciate your effort and will power... your sharing may inspire many people who undergo tramendous agony in life... they may be empowered... i am a social work student ..who is doing a study on quality of life of Paraplegics.... in Tamil Nadu one of our colleges... thanks for sharing.. May God support your greatest service.... many get benefit out of it.. God Bless you....