My Maurice

My husband believed very strongly that a man was supposed to act a certain way. He was very macho, typical ideals of masculinity. He was in the Navy and that environment feeds off that macho ideal. My Maurice was never quite like that. He was the first born by three minutes ahead of his sister Dottie. His sister was always the most headstrong one, and he was the giggly baby. He was never interested in sports, but instead wanted to join his sister Dottie in ballet. His father wouldn't allow it, so Dottie would teach Maurice what she was learning in the backyard.

When Maurice was about 15, my husband found some beefcake magazines in Maurice's room. We were all sitting in the den watching tv when Ted came out and threw a stack of magazines on the table. He screamed at Maurice, called him horrible names and said horrible things to him, then started to hit him and whip him with his belt. My four other children were in the room, his twin sister, his younger sister who was 12, and his two younger brothers who were 5 and 15 months. I took my youngest babies into their bedroom and went back out to find Dottie pulling on her father's arm trying to pull the belt away from him, and he pushed her to the ground. My youngest daughter was trying to shield Maurice from the blows, and I tried to restrain him myself, he hit me and I hit him. My children locked themselves in the girl's room and Ted pounded on the door. I threw him out of the house for about a week after that.

I sent my son to my mother's in Chicago. I thought being with his grandmother would be the best place, since no one talks about it but she's a lesbian. It turned out to be the best thing for him. He and my mother bonded very strongly and he did very well in college and ended up becoming a writer. He lived with my mother until she died, the moved to Maine where he met his partner and they are very happy together. I love my son and his sexual orientation has no effect on that. I could never forgive my ex-husband for that. I support my children unconditionally, like every parent should.
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I'm so sorry your son had to go through that, but so glad that you were there to give him support!

Wow you're ex sounds like a complete F****** nut job, no offense, he needs a good a** whopping himself! No child deserves to be hit. And if you don't mind me asking, how do those two get along now? And sorry about the passing of you're mother.

They have no communication. I really felt terrible about that, but at least he had my mother. My ex-husband was a very troubled man. He held his feelings all inside until he exploded. Thank you, I miss her terribly.