It is actually called semi-vegetarian. There is a group for that; but it looked rather lonely in there. ;p
I'm not particularly fond of meat. Except chicken. And I loooove fish, and seafood. I don't think I could be a full-pledged vegetarian, more so a vegan. 

This morning I cooked bacon and eggs for Sylph Jr. 
And Brill.
I cook meat when he's here since he is a growing boy. Never really influenced him to be a vegetarian; but he does eat his veggies with no qualms.

The bacon oil and grease spilled on my left hand. Particularly my fingers - middle, ring, and pinky. The ring finger is the worst now having blisters. Not that I need to wear my rings... haha. ;p
Would be funny if it was just the middle and I stay doing "the finger"... *falls laughing*
I tend to hold the three fingers up and curl up my forefinger and thumb... making it seem I'm doing the "ok" sign... which is entirely ironic since my fingers are not okay.
And it stings. Especially when I did yoga after the incident. The heat in the room worsened the feeling and was driving me nuts in the beginning.

In conclusion, I therefore say that meat is dangerous for you.
Stick with veggies and fruits.
I deem them to be safer foods. ;p

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
6 Responses Mar 4, 2012

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Lol! I saw this on youtube. Fine... I get the point. What's a baked potato without the damn faeriedust?! And make the bacon real then... not those simulated ones.<br />
<br />
*faerie wraps Mr Bean Pirate in bacon strips*

LOL! I get cravings, too for McD, or any other fast food. I can even finish a Big Mac! *stands proud*... but meat everyday makes me nauseous... and we all know what happens after nausea... <br />
<br />
There's this store on another town near here that sells this amazing burgers. They're only open during spring to fall. But I do drive down there and have those big ones... <br />
After that I can't eat until the day after... haha! ;p

Ouch. Blisters. Use your wand to fix it! Meat makes me feel sick too, sometimes. But, I was very very bad today. I ate a McDonalds cheeseburger. I just had a craving. Don't know why. Spinach for dinner. Yum.

I was really doing well. I dunno... think I got distracted by my phone...<br />
<br />
But I looove my phone... so it's not its fault. ;p

*whacks you with taters and corn cob*<br />
<br />
I had to for some time - eat meat. Last December. Just felt sicker. Belly can't handle it. =(

*whacks you with vegan hotdog* Ha! *hands on hips*

Why thank you, Daddy Bird... *poses longer*... we do it in yoga... *whacks you with yoga mat*

*giggles* because you're one of faerie's adorable friends... you'll miss the whacks if I don't do them...

Awww... don't be shy... you can post it here you missed the f-a-e-r-i-e... *giggles*

I swear the male species has problem with words. *shakes faeriehead*

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