Stairway To Heaven

I began preparing for your arrival by drawing a nice candlelit bath in my whirlpool bathtub. No bubble baths here, I pour a mixture of exotic oils which will soften your skin. Your arrival is imminent. Quickly I do a last minute check: bedroom dimly lit and smelling of fresh linens and playing instrumental jazz with edible bouquet in center of bed and fresh rose petals sprinkled on the sheets of the turned back bed. On to the kitchen where the Teriyaki Pork Chops, Twice Baked Potatoes, Chef's Salad, Margaritas and Deep Dish Apple Pie with Latticework Top and Cool Whip are placed on the dining room table. I put on my new black mini-dress and crotchless fishnets, hair pulled up in a messy frenchtwist. Flavored pink lip gloss......Right on cue the doorbell ring. I know it's you and my heart is pounding and my lower body is throbbing already in anticipation.
Smiling I open the door and we embrace. You sniff appreciately behind my ear and nuzzle my neck. I sigh and chide you by informing you that dessert comes AFTER dinner not before. You chuckle in amusement. I tell you to close your eyes and lead you into the steamy bathroom......water is a perfect temperature.......I slowly undress you, gazing in appreciation. When you stand before me in naked glory, you hold out your hand to me when I go to turn away and slowly undress me too.......with a sigh we settle into the water, I am sitting behind you massaging your tense and taut muscles as you groan appreciatively.........I put space between us to kneel and wash your back and then teasingly wash your front dancing around your most sensitive areas. When you turn to place the tables I laughingly step out of your reach, reaching for warmed towels to dry you off. You waggle a finger at me which I impishly take between my lips and suck on.........I blush as we both briefly glance downward....we are both dry now and with towels wrapped around us sit down to enjoy our meal. My foot is teasing you under the table, stroking your thigh before gently massaging your b****. You choke on your bite of porkchop but recover quickly. Where before we were eating at a leisurely pace, we sort of inhale the last of the meal, one appetite appeased while another is whetted.
We finish around the same time, eyes meeting before we both stand up with a mischievous gleam in our eyes. I ****** your towel away and run laughing into the bedroom with you right on my heels. I shriek as you triumphantly ****** my towel away and then our laughter dies away as we admire each other closely....closer our bodies come to each other until.......

*yep left ya hanging on purpose. It's called you decide how the story ends*
DieKatzeSchreibt DieKatzeSchreibt
1 Response Aug 26, 2011

Wonderful picture and great ending. I know I didn't have difficulty imagining finishing you and the story. Thanks, that was fun.