Lack Of Parental Love Is Thirst For Life

I think love from parents is the most important factor for our life. This love feel us satisfied for most of life. Even we need love from all of relations but those come later.
Sometime we think that we do not need to express love because it’s apparent. We assume why to say that “I love you” because it is obvious I do, it’s clear that I love him/her. But I think expression of love is also as much important as love itself.
I read a story that a man was asking for vote for him their local election. He was asking to every person known or unknown in his area. In the evening when he was just finished his campaign and sitting in his home with all of his family members his grandma said “My son, you asked to vote to everyone but not to me.”. The man laughed and said “Ma, I know you will give vote to me. So asking vote to you is not needed.”. Then his grandma replied “Yes my dear son, I will give the vote definitely to you. But it feels good when you ask to me.”
Yes, sometime we do not express love, because we take it as obvious. Even the loved one also know that you love him/her but still s/he wants and expects that you express your love. Its really feels good.
I didn’t get much love from parents. I am from a family where love is not important. Their life is full of struggle. I started working in fields when I was 6-7 years old. I do not blame to my parents for any child labor, because that was just a style of living. They (my parents) themselves started working in that age so it was normal for them. But in that life they were not aware of expression of love.
The few moments that I remember when I felt loved from my mother are like jewel for me. I wish I had handful of this jewelry.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Love is one of the most basic human needs. I have issues too, because my father has a personality that is not very affectionate and for the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me. It is only now with the help of a therapist I realize he loves me in his own way; and that it has nothing to do with a defect in me. Still sometimes it hurts, knowing I can never be as close to my father as other people are. I guess I am lucky though, because I am extremely close to my mother. I know a lot of people are jealous of me because of that; they aren't close to either parent.

You have an old soul, LoveOcean. I love everything that you write.