Touring through your body

Satisfying wishes and wills

with eternal, loved

wanted, longed




Drawing  pleasures

Solving desires

between dreams and colors,

loves and passion



Bringing dreams

into reality

in the eternal making love,

between kisses and embraces

whispers and cuddles



in the ecstasy of the body

turned in my fingers

between hills and valleys of pleasure

wet and tasty



touched in the moan of the nights

handed in the love

that I give in each word,

in each gesture, in each kiss



Making sure

that love

is to be yours in each sigh.





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14 Responses Sep 2, 2009

Endless Sigggghhhhhhh. :)

Your passion is obvious from your writing. I am sure you are a most passionate lover.

Very beautiful and even if i am more used to other language poetry i really appreciate it. Touching and moving. thank you

I believe you, Princess

; )


Me gusto mucho sus palabras. Estan muy bonita.<br />
<br />

Love this passionate sensual poem.

I can agree princes you are for sure one of the most passionate people ....I should have married you ....not kidding...I love a romantic poet like me

Very moving and inviting...good one

LOL Luv,LCW and now cAnDy!one happy family! So sensual!Your poem beautiful always!!xo<br />
You are a rainbow of never ending love and passion!L.M.

Extra lovely{{HUGS}} LCW :)

Lovely writing TP.

Gets my interest up....this is great!!