I'm afraid I'm losing my motivation to do anything, really. My grades are dropping, my desire to get into a good college is vanishing and thus, my will to work hard is disappearing.
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Persevere anyway. You will find that you will have many instances in life where you need to step up even though you are not motivated. In the long run, you will be glad you did. Good luck to you in all you do.

Gee are you a senior, maybe? sounds like a classic case of Senioritis!

Unfortunately, yes.

The motivation at this point of life is. ..the rest of your life!!!
You are deciding what your life as an adult will be like. Not a good time to take it easy. Unless there are outside circumstances affecting you, you need to force yourself to strive. Once you make the initial effort, the rest will follow. Chances are, that you are going through one of those periods we all encounter, in which you are allowing your limbic brain- the 3 year old that we all carry inside- run your day. Kick him hard and put your cortex in charge! That will make you concentrate on defining what beautiful life you want to have, instead of letting your mood make the decisions for you. I promise, take the first step and the rest will follow!

Thank you for this. Need to hear it every once in a while.

We all do : )
you are welcome.
write any time you feel like talking.

It's just summer-I-tic...... You will be back on track in the fall.

Why is this occurring?