I'm not very good at sexy so don't bother anymore
todger01 todger01
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just don't bother

I don't bother either anymore no point

all about been sexy

All about sex ?

I can not do online sex chat even though I'm kinky lol

I have never tried online sex must be difficult lol

Chat was, but sex no idea unless touch screen means something different than I thought lol

Lol where do you live ?

I'm in England, my guy is in Holland so if touchscreen can be of use we are missing out lol.
When apart we rarely talk about sex Hut more just great friends who support each other.
Where are you?

Can sex chat really work ?

For some I think it can but us it does not. We end up feeling silly then just start laughing.

Yep it's worked for me lol

Mm yes Iam in the same vain I'm not sure I'm any better at sex in real life lol I'm in England too

I have not had many men, was with my ex boyfriend from age 16. Do not know if all Dutch are as open as the guy I'm with now but I can tell him anything.

I have never gone Dutch before lol ... Where in England ?

Essex but born in Luton.

Wow I lived in luton

I'm now in Liverpool my family are all in London Essex area too

Lived in hackney for a year when younger.

I was born in hackney mare st

I also lived on the isle of sheppy

All Brits together.

Yes lol

How long was you in Luton I left in 89/90

Long before that 68 to 71ish. I know I lived in two different houses. My dad worked at Vauxhall factory.

I lived by the golf coarse Cambridge st

God I'm boring sorry x

This as nothing to do with on line sex lol

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