Just reached listening to 2503 different songs on spotify over the last 2 years and my passion is music. I have heard a lot of genres so I can almost find every a song for every situation.
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i do love music all types

Me 2

How about a song about a girl who likes a guy that won't commit to a long term relationship.

I have never seen one like that but I can try to find one for ya.

Got it, 'hey there Delilah from plain white T's' it's the closes thing I could find

Perfect he lives 90 miles away. Thank you.
May I put you in my circle in case I need other songs? I can't live without music everyday.

Sure every time, I love it that someone appreciates it :) I only might react slow

No problem.
What about music for yoga?

Can I message you that's easyer

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