What's your passion? What makes your life worth living?
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Writing, editing/proofreading, psychology (helping ppl), and being an abolitionist (against human trafficking).

Writing and talking to people

fitness diet nutrition healthy lifestyle it drives me every second of every day right now


Baseball and writing, definitely

Struggling with that.

Doesn't philosophy suggest that to be ''really'' experiencing life, you should consider forgetting about your own emotions and whats pulling you aside from your goals all the time. And consider the ''Human-Being'' as pure will? In this scenario, passion as a verb ''do not exist'', you simply ''are'' passion where-ever or whenever you feel like you need it?

Imagine every individual as a sphere of light in the night sky, you go through life everyday glowing bright as the sun among stars, or as a star among suns. It's simply a choice of which one you want to be.

Is sleeping a passion lol ?

It's hard to say :(

I have this quote on my wall..." Love doesn't make the world go around ....
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Poetry, love, wine, chocolate, appreciation of art, culture, the rare brushes you get with loving other people, music, good sleep, the sunrise.

Beer and pu$$y

Sounds fulfilling

Love from complete strangers.

My kids

& before you had kids?