I wonder if you can fall in love with someone you haven't met in real life yet, especially so since you haven't met yet how much time you both invest genuinely in each other. Getting to know your mind and personality. I'm not ' being hindered by the physical aspect of it, but going straight through to the heart of you . Could I be falling for your soul. That essence you have that calls to mine. So absolutely a possibility .. It is hard when you want someone so much and you want to express it physically to complete the bond. Its also exciting because you know them, but you don't really know them, when we are meeting for the first time visually. While this whole time you have been falling for their heart, their mind, their words without even been in their presence.
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Yes, I think so. It's better in a way - since you do not have the chemical buzz of their physical presence, you are forced to talk to each other and get to know each other's mind and personality.

Thanks for everyone's comments well I just flew to Italy today to finally meet with this person ...
He is on his way to meet me and my heart feels like it's going to explode the adrenalin is pumping ..
What will happen when our eyes first meet ??
Watch this space ๐Ÿ˜

*mind Blown* Poetry from the heart. (ha) I believe it is possible, even if the person is a fake the person they were being helped you either find yourself or what your looking for. Yes, It would matter with the face to face Because surly if your feelings are strong enough you'd wanna meet. But know the person themselves then what should looks matter? society makes us think that looks are all that matters, when it is the very soul, the connection, we really seek in someone. So Could You fall in love "online" I'd say its more possible than in person. (he he) But, there is always complications in that weither it be meeting, doubts about them being real. and so on but the love and rush we get, i say its well worth the pay out.

Feeling physical attraction to someone ... yes, that's nice ... but to be captivated by someone's heart and mind, to truly know them from the inside - that is so beautiful! I have often thought about what you expressed in this post ... it would be so much more intriguing, and yes passionate, to love someone with no outer influence present ... to truly love their soul :)

Yes you can there is this boy who I haven't met yet and we love each other the more we talk the more closer we get and the more we fall for each other

Yes, you can!

Yes. In a way you fall for their spirit untroubled by their external appearance. It is a purer form of love in a way

Good night


Beautifully expressed. Thank you.

I did not believe you could till it happened to me. We chatted for hours everyday both getting closer but never saw each other only one face pic swap 10 minutes before meeting. We adore each other and are very happy.

Yes .. Been there

I've done it a once or twice with internet dating chats over a period of years.. and with varying outcomes when we eventually met.. from becoming become close real life friends (for want of a better description as they were my real life friends when I hadn't met them) Some I still haven't met, and share the most intimate discussions dreams and fears with them. One discovered she had a sickness during the period in which we were chatting..( again for want of a better word) and I've supported and encouraged her for many years while she has dealt with it. In the meantime she married and we still haven't met although we love and care for each other dearly.. Its a funny old world.. smile

Of course you can. It's exciting to meet new people. It's fun to build a safe relationship. The real world will eventually arrive but for the cyber world it's nice

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