I think I'm in love! I really do!
biggunsatx biggunsatx
41-45, M
4 Responses Aug 26, 2014

With who?...................

YOURSELF?!?!?! Kidding. :P lmao

hi baby

Sorry, as you can see, I'm a taken man ;)

Congrats or condolences- whichever applies!

Congrats now, condolences after she actually meets me

Best of luck to you both. I actually believe in love and wish you both happiness!

Think? I knew you had feelings for me! This clears it all up. If it's any surprise, I know I love you sweet pea

Why it's no surprise at all! Watch out gurl, or I'm gonna come down there and marry you!

Latke me! Take me!

Oh I'll take you alright! And I'll latke you too!!