Having A Christian Reverend For A Dad

I have grown up in variousstrict Christian schools and churches denomnational and nondenominational. I was extremely sensitive to a lot of things. I was also under a microscope. Certain authority figures in my life paid closer attention to me as a result. I was asked to lead group prayers sometimes because of it. I formed acquaintances with other Pastor's kids too.

You are expected to be perfect if you are known to be a kid of a Pastor or Reverend. Some people stay away because of the possible preaching from the parent. Life was very sheltered. I was born differently so that also played a huge role in the sheltering.

We got bullied for wanting to wait til we were married. Laughed at by some for being virgins but respected by others for waiting. Didn't get invited to parties because it was assumed we weren't allowed.

A huge benefit from having a Reverend for a dad was I got to take my time to discover myself through anticonformity. I'm 35 years old. Yeah I missed out on the social experiences a typical kid or teen has, but I also was told by my parents I was never rebellious to them, didn't have to be told what not to do, didn't have problem child as a description.

I was raised to love others and not treat God like a liar. To always remember Jesus is with me, no matter how hard life gets.
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tell jesus your heart, and what you want, and look for the escape to the life he came to give abundant life, and you can have it, ask him to send you a husband who will take you on an adventure.

I love that advice. Thank you! :) *hug*

when you reach your age, its no longer about what people think its what you and god think , step out and grow up, take a step with the lord, he is love, and he wants you to enjoy life, not like the world but there are lots of ways to have great fun, go live.

Thanks. That is my aspiration daily. To keep loving and keep growing in love of others, kindness too, and knowledge and wisdom. Every new year, my resolution is the same. To keep holding Jesus's hand no matter how easy or hard life is.

Did you eve date someone who wasn't the same denomination as you?

I am still waiting to date romanticly but I know I'd have a hard time, not from discrimination, but from conflicting interests since denominations put their own interpretations on the same verses every Christian reads.

What do you mean?

Baptists interpret verses one way, Pentecostals interpret the same verses one way, etc. I am nondenominational and my home church is nondenominational. I'd love if my husband was a nondenominational Christian. Nondenominationals take what's in the bible as is and don't try to interpret it in their own way.

no 2 persons are alike on topics but if you respect and love one another you can co exist and have a fulfilled happy life, dont allow non essencial thoughts block you in.

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