Hi...my fathers a pastor...and I hate it! At first is was fun now I don't think I can take it anymore! Not only does everyone in the church look at me, and criticize my every move but now so does my father. He was the co-pastor for 2 years and now that he's head pastor he's worried of what others think of me, I make the smallest mistake and it's hell!! I'm not allowed to so anything any more. Not only that but my family's beginning to fall apart, we have to pretend out side of the house but once we get home it's yelling after yelling!
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kiara if u want to talk msg me

don't let other people define your relationship with god if you believe that believe and don't let stupid people put u on a pedestal talk to your parents about the pressure I know a pk and a preacher who understood what happens to pks and stood up for his kids right to be a kid

stop believing in God. Live on your own expectations.

to not believe in god is to become a lost person in this world, god is our heavenly father and we are discovering him how he love us and came and died for us, and washedus, and made us beautiful, but our part is to accept the good news, and some people don't know it, and some cant see it, Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

not lost. its very closed minded to think that anyone needs a god in order to not be lost.

Both of my parents are pastors. I know exactly how you feel. My family suffers the same things.

Don't let your relationships and experiences with other humans affect your relationship with God. They are two VERY different things..

Other people are not your gods.
God is your God.
Put your faith in God
Not other people.

do you love jesus? just be real, Christians are not perfect or to fit into the mole of others, but to jesus, be yourself, and tell dad, rest in Christ, not in action,s we are already forgiven to pretend is not good, be honest, and love one another.