Pastors Wife In Idaho

I have held paid ministry positions and married a pastor, so I guess that's a double whammy.
We were in bi-vocational ministry for a lot of that time and currently have been in a small church in Idaho for 9 years.
We are in a liberal, Christian hating community which is very interesting. And our ministry is very outward, less in the church and more in the community. I serve on the city library board and am on the chamber of commerce board. I also am a developmental voice specialist for the symphony here. We have five children, two are married with kids. Three are at home for the summer at least (two in college, one in high school). Life is good. Ministry is always a challenge. But I think at 50, I'm finally in the place where I am confident that God has ministry for us whereever and however He calls. It's a good feeling!
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May 14, 2012