Well yes! I am a pastor's wife, been married for 6yrs with 3 children. Been in ministry for about the same amonut of years but my husbznd just recently became a pastor. I must admitt I am ashame in writting this story but as a pastors wife I have no one to talk to. My marriage is hanging by a thread, it is God that keeps my marriage, I am not happy, I feel unappreciated, ugly and useless. My husband is a very harsh man but a man with standards. I believe in him n the calling God has for us but he belittles me all the time he says this is his vision he started the church it's his anointing. Im not in love with him but do love him. I'm happy n excited about what God id doing n going to do for us but... N it is the will of God only that keeps me! Fleshly he does nothing for m me. He doesn't satisfy me, treats me as his wife. We have no chemistry what so ever. Im bored and horny please help! I feel like lust, well I know is sitting in me deep. My wonders about the possibilities of being with someone else.
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I love your faith and I love your devotion to god. But I do not think your husband should be condescending to you, our religion is beautiful it teaches against that. but sometimes its hard when you think you know it all that you are being condescending to others. I was doing the same thing until I was told by my brother and my friend that I was acting like a total *** whenever a topic on homosexuality, religion or anything along those lines was brought up.

ever since I was told I started noticing and realised, it hurt my feelings and ego at first but them I accepted it and I realised I didn't want to be like that. maybe your husband is the same, sometimes you don't realise your being an *** until someone you love points it out. have you tried talking to him about it? he sounds like a reasonable man, if you bring it up one on one i know he will listen to you

i know how u feel

Sounds like your husband needs to read the bible sorry I should say study the bible I'm sure the bible teaches different values and attitudes toward ones wife, many Christians believe the bible allows the wife to sleep with an other man and visa versa when both consent to this but it sounds like your problems are along a different line not just sexual my thoughts, if you like to discuss more feel free.

i would love to talk to you more darlin. be the friend you need to talk to. add me please.