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My husband and I are young (25) and we went to a town in the US that has very few churches. The area needs Christ and evangelism very bad! We saved money for a long time so we could start this church. Finally we did it. It took so much work! However, we are one month in having actual services. And we have 9 steady members. Well, one of the families just told us today that they are moving away. They have a family of 5. I've been working so hard with these people for months (before the church started even) and sacrificing. They went through a rough financial spell and I bought them a ton of groceries and house goods. And Ive babysitted their brats for hours so they could "work on their marraige". And counseled them when they were having marital issues. And took them out to dinner numerous times. I was a good friend to them even when I didnt feel like it. (so bad coming from a pastors wife I know) I just feel sad because all of that hard work is just gone. I know I need to think of long term and how maybe i made an impact in the long run. But that is hard to focus on sometimes!

I need to focus on reaching more people. But its hard. Because of financial reasons my husband got a full time job. And I got a part time. So I am doing all of the church out-reach, cleaning, bookkeeping, sunday school, and music. Im just wore out. And its not my hubbys fault. He works with me every chance he gets.

I guess I just need encouragement!
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If we keep our eyes on God, we will remain in perfect peace.

God bless you in your call. My husband and I answered the call to Puerto Rico a year and a half ago to start a church. It is a really long story, but after raising money, we poured it into renovating a house that was supposed to be ours and then was taken from us. So after 3 months of renovating, we were left with no money and needing a place to live. God provided what we had need of. We also have a small congregation and they are all baby Christians. Sometimes, no one shows up. We prayed for help and now we have a couple doing music ministry for us...which is a huge blessing (they are not paid...they are here on faith). The worship leader and I do children's church, we have a lot of kids now (awesome)...but the one of the parents admitted to sending them for baby sitting (we are glad to plant seeds). My husband has also had to work to earn money for the family, which takes time away from ministry. It has been a time of learning for us. Just remember that some plant seeds and some water them, you never know what growth in their heart you may have contributed to. I know it is hard to pour yourself into the people and feel there is no one there for you. I pray you find a Christian couple that can help mentor you and support you!

As a former church planter I totally understand the heartbreak of losing a large family after so much effort has been poured into their lives. Thank goodness you are only suffering from them leaving to move away and not because they decided to go to another church in your area...that is a devastating feeling and it happens to all of us. God gets us through it. HE is our strength, our source and our hope.

I would encourage you to keep praise and worship on all the time. Take time to sit and push into the Presence of God...i know...where is the time? but at the same time without HIS PRESENCE strong and mighty filling you up you will have nothing to give out. Bearing His fruit, peace, love, joy, patience comes from BEING IN HIM and resting. I have tried to force fruit from my life because I was not spending time laid out in His presence. Let me say..its just doesnt work well. What we give as ministers should be from the overflow thats in us. When we busy ourselves with taking care of everyone and everything rather than filling ourselves up with Him we run dry, become overwhelmed and overtaken by task. I have learned its time well spent to be full OF HIM and then to be overwhelmed and overtaken by HIS fruit and ministry flows out naturally.
Praying for you.

You are doing the best you can. Just be sure to take care of you and your husband first.

Thank you nichole923! I needed to hear that!

Bless your heart! I'm sorry, but I would feel the same way. There have been many times I've seen efforts in ministry fall what-seems-like to the wayside, although I try to keep in mind that God will not let His word return void. <br />
Please know that I think you are doing one of the hardest jobs. Being at a church that is starting with that few people from the ground up is hard work. Also, being bi-vocational is hard too when you are ministering full time. I don't know how you are working, doing all that work at church, and the babysitting on the side for the counseling sessions....that's quite a bit. It's stressing me just listing it. <br />
Keep persevering! I'm praying for you!

I would not consider the effort you put into the family of 5 as a loss.<br />
Helping other people is part of the ministry.<br />
Who knows how many other people have heard of the good deeds you have done for this family. <br />
Hang in there. Things will work out.