Paternal Grandmother Cut Off From Grandchild.

There is so much to this story it will be a book. I am going to be brief as possible.

In 2009, after being incarcerated almost a year, my son received papers from the courts stating he may be the father of a baby boy and that DNA was being requested. He asked if I could go check it out during a visit with him and I did. The baby looked just like my son. A month late DNA came back saying he is the father. From the first time I laid eyes on my grandson I been in his life.

Now, I knew there would be issues because neglect was evident in the household where my gandson reside. But, I figured by the maternal grandmother being in the home as well, that wasn't the case, but I was wrong.The maternal gandmother is just as neglectful as my grandsons mother.

I knew as a paternal grandmother my rights were limited, so I sat back and watched nothing changed. Well fast forward 2012. I was told by the maternal grandmother that her daughter had abandoned our grandson. Once that was revealed. I tried filing for guardianship of my grandson, so he would have a legal guadian that would care for him. The mom wasn't in court when the guardianship case was heard, neither was the maternal grandmother. I was denied guardianship because the mom and my grandson have the same address. My point is that don't matter she is neglecting her child, my grandson by abandoning him and leaving him in a neglectful environment. CPS was contacted and the entire family cleaned up the house and act to get CPS off their backs now they are back to the neglect. Mom somewhere else and child with neglectful maternal grandmother, who has no legal so over the child. Because I stepped up and tried getting my grandson out that situation. I am not allowed to see him. I haven't seen him since Sept 17, 2012. I talk to him and he cries to come see me. I am working to change the laws for all paternal grandparents. We matter in our grandchildren. I will close with this. I have a stong bond with my grandson. I am a second mom to him. I have taken him to E.R with moms permission when he was ill, and mom and maternal wouldn't. I am hoping to change the laws nationwide to give paternal grandparents a equal playing field with our grandbabies. If you ae interesting in helping make this change happen please sign the petition, the link is below.. Let change this for the sake of a full family unit instead of a one family unit. Thanks in advance.
loyalgrandma loyalgrandma
Jan 13, 2013