No Matter Where I'm At, Business Is Always Open! Xd

I give loans with collateral hoping the people don't come back for their items by the deadline. I do this as a hobby even though to some people this would be considered their main business. The highest loan that I have out with someone currently is only $5,500. Most people only ask for from $200-$500 and I don't like to get on high-credit with people that aren't very responsible. Usually these loans are interest free unless I suspect risk or I don't really care to give the loan out. I only have 3 cars from people as collateral currently. However, sometimes in the year it could get into the double digits. I also buy gold and any other 'precious metal' that has a monetary value. If it sells, then I'll buy it or take it as collateral. I've been doing all of this with my younger brother for a couple years now ever since we noticed an unusually high demand. This all started after the stock market and housing market crashes. People have always seemed to pay back their loans quickly. Otherwise, on the occasions that they didn't pay their loans back, they completely understood and were relatively fine with the sale of their item(s). I used to play a lot of the Monopoly board game when I was younger and I was always given the responsibility of the Banker. So, I guess, money, collateral, and numbers, were something I was easily drawn to and found entertaining.

I'll write some more once I have a little time... Someone just called me for a loan. lol. Anyone have some time I can borrow? 0_o
puremonopoly puremonopoly
Dec 6, 2012