A Season Of Peace

What is it about Christmas that inspires the spirit of giving?That brings family and friends closer together.This time of year people seem to show more love and compassion by giving.Giving gifts out of love and desire.Upon their own will,they give and not by force.They even give a brighter and heart felt smile.I come from a family that hugs men and women.So I know the power of a hug, but that's another story.Everone is cheerful and up beat.Then as the days of this season passes.So it seems the spirit of the season passes with it.Everyone finds their proper place in society.As people program their radios or TVs.So do they reprogram themselves into the same rut they were in before the Holidays.But what if there was a way to keep that spirit alive year round.It's quite sinple really.It's called self sacrifice.Listen to the voice of experience.Self sacrifice is nothing more than giving of ones self to another.Surrendering my will to the magic of Forgiveness through the Power of Love.I believe next to Love, Forgiveness is the greatest force on earth.Without it you have no Peace, and without peace you have no life.John Lennon said Love is a flower you gotta let it grow.So with anger and bitterness toward someone, you gotta let it go.As your brother I encourage you to sow the seeds of love.Start a life changing experience today.Go to some one today and forgive them.Even if your in the right, surrender your will and forgive.Let's share the season of peace year round.
Waymor Waymor
51-55, M
Dec 14, 2012