If You Are A Pediatrician I Would Love Your Help Im In Need Of Some Help Thanks. Respond As Soon As Possible Please

Im a student at a local california high school and i was wondering if someone on this site was pediatrician and would like to help me out on my end of the year career speech. I need to ask someone at least 10 questions. i will post them shortly i would love if you could leave your company name and your addressed name and email and the state you are currently working in.

1) What are the education requirements for becoming a pediatrician?
2) What are the day-to-day responsibilities for this job?
3) what are some of the skills and abilities necessary for a person to scceed in this career?
4) can you describe the ideal person for this position?
5) What is the salary per year?
6) Does this position offer internships?
7) Could you describe a typical day?
8) would you mind describing both the positive and negative aspects of this job?
9) what is the top priority for a person in this position?
10) how does one advance in this career?

i really need these questions answered before 9 oclock tonight! so if any doctor would like to help me out that would be fantastic.
Thanks hope i get alot of replys back!! 
-Chrissy C
crashcola crashcola
May 15, 2012