Not Intentional

There are two things that I lift and make my own if they are in front of me

One is pens, I tend to need to write something down in a hurry and will pick up the nearest pen and then adopt it

The other is glasses of alcohol that are too close to me, when I am already tipsy

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8 Responses Mar 18, 2009

haha I'm just as guilty. I lift my teacher's pens and they all wonder where their pens go and get mad at everyone else and never suspect little quiet 'ol me lol. I also lift shiny ob<x>jects. It's a ADHD thing...and I tend to lift food....I always feel like im never eating enough..although im fit for my age..i just always feel hungry...And I will's fun lol

-_- you are going to get such a bump from me if we ever meet...

your face leaks all over the place!

Follow your punishment!



As your punishment you can never say pen in your life but instead you have to say writing utensil.

old drunkard!