Will They Like Me?

im  a people pleaser who is afraid to speak her mind in case people dont like me or it. especially my mom, i always need her approval. i'm a grown adult with children, and i can't get over worrying about what other people think, i afraid i'm going to say the wrong thing and they wont like me. or they'll think im making a bad decision. it's none of their business but i cant help it. i need to be able to do what i want and say what i want.
prettyinpink prettyinpink
46-50, F
2 Responses Apr 2, 2007

you're so right mountain man.<br />
<br />
thanks for putting in perspective :}

Has been said before, But still holds true.<br />
better ta be hated for who ya are, Than loved for who ya are not.<br />
Folks who can see the real you can have the opportunity to like the real you. Far better than the obvious alternatives.<br />
Good on yaz,<br />