I shouldn't be, but I am. It's fortunately not to the point to where I would go against my morals, but it is a little bad. It gets stressful. I get upset when I upset people and I usually just do whatever other people want as long as it does not go as far as going against my morals. I used to even go against them, but I've gotten better at not being THAT much of a people pleaser. I hate upsetting people. I hate telling people that I can't do something.
I have one friend that I probably shouldn't hang around because she can be mean at times. I get stressed some dealing with her, but being the people pleaser I am, I just put up with it. It's also harder to stand up for myself because her and I have mutual friends, so we would still have to see each other if I stopped being her friend.
I have done some incredibly stupid stuff because I'm a people pleaser, so I'm trying to quit...or at least not be as much of one. I can't please everyone- I am aware of that. So I need to stop trying so hard to.
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