Content People Make Me Feel Good

I like to be around people who need something I can give them. If you're hungry I love to feed you. If you are unhappy or sad, I'll give you an ear and a shoulder to cry on. If you want someone to help paint your house, I'm your girl. I'm not much of a joiner (clubs or organizations) but for my friends, I'll give the world. There have been times when I've overloaded myself, with commitments--so I've learned to say no. But that's soooo not easy for me. I tend not to answer the phone and let voice mail answer so I can see what someone wants and then it's easier to tell them no. I hate to disappoint anyone. When I can help you and know that somehow, something that I've done makes you feel good...I really like that.
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Hi some2soon,

But you get something out of your "people-pleasing". A true people-pleaser does whatever needs to be done to make another person happy without any benefit to themselves. Sometimes they will lose their individuality just to make that person, happy, like them, or whatever is the reason for people-pleasing. If you feel good because you are helping others, then that is not really a true people-pleaser.


You're the kind of friend anyone would love to have

awww...thanks babe:)

Well.....I'm content with just having you as a friend to chat with every once in a while. How's that for a no pressure deal? That's all it takes for me! :)

Thank you're a rockin' lady! I'm glad to be your friend too. :)