I have always loved watching people. The great thing about being the wallflower, sitting silently and invisibly in the background is that u gain so much knowledge about human behavior. True human behavior. You could talk to somebody forever and think you know them, but if you get the chance to be the silent observer you learn about the person on a whole new level. In the way that you can always see somebody else's situation far clearer than you can your own, you can also learn about yourself by watching others. You see how similar people are in general, with their day to day motions and then again how different we all are. And the neat thing, at least to me, is at times you get to witness very intimate, life changing moments in others lives. Although you aren't directly involved and they will never know of your existence, you were still there. If there were a way to connect everybody like this visually, I think we would be shocked how often our paths have crossed.

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I do the same thing lol And I always wonder what people are assuming about me. I know I have had so many diff. scenarios pinned to me. At times I will be all dressed up in my suit from work (well used to be) lookin all important and others ill be in my flannel pj bottoms and a tshirt when i run out to get some bread or milk etc. lol so i can only imagine, knowing how much rides on your personal presentation. :)

I'm a watcher too.<br />
I make up stories and scenarios as I am observing. Guessing plays a big part in it.