Not In The Creepy Way ...

I don't really call it watching....more like observing.

While I talk to someone i like to read them i pay attention to body language, every inflection. I only do it to try to understand them not because im a creepy stalker . I notice the way a persons tone/voice changes depending on the subject. For example when the guy i was dating started seeing someone else i knew just by having a 30 second conversation with him. I actually think im pretty talented :) but it almost a curse too. knowing exactly what people mean when they say things Id rather almost believe the lies! haha... well thats my story :)

meechies meechies
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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

yea i do a lot of that observing dering conversationd i listin in on and i can no wut the right is on both sids of an argument it anoys me to no just how rong my parents seem to be now that i hav this skill