The 'catalyst' that started me on my quest to perfection started a few months ago. I got the highest in class for my History oral presentation (I used to be afraid of speaking in front of class) and that jump-started me into thinking, 'hmm, if I can do this, I can do anything.'

And from then on, I strived to be the best in everything I do. I couldn't cut it in swimming, but I scored the highest for the theory paper. I write and post my stories online to try to be a good author.

I stress everytime before exams so bad I get stomach cramps because I know I need to be the best to be admitted into Harvard Law School, my dream university. I have my life planned out until I'm around 25, and I'm only 16.

I think it's a genetic thing too, as three of my cousins suffer from some form of 'perfectionism' as well.

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Jun 6, 2008