It Doesn't Look Like I'...

It doesn't look like I'm a perfectionist. In some things it's obvious, but if you look at, say, my room or car, well... Someone described me like this: You look at the whole thing and say "I'll never make it look perfect, so why bother?"
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In my opinion being a perfectionist does not have to be in all areas of your life. For the longest time, cleaning my kitchen and schoolwork were the only 2 things I really was anal about. 13 years later it has consumed every part of my daily life. I could have cared less what my car looked like, as long as my kitchen was well stocked, cleaned, and organized. Now, I do everything on my own because my husband gave up...and I don't blame him. <br />
Still to this day I struggle with admitting I have a problem. And a perectionist isn't crazy...we are just misunderstood. We actually think the rest of the world is crazy for just "getting by", rather than excelling to your true potental. :) So please, no need to judge.

can it be any harder to ask for help then when you think needing help is a flaw? it's a miracle I've finally been getting therapy for my perfectionisms. They stem from deeper issues I believe, like losing my mother

I try so hard to be normal and slobbish so i leave my socks on the floor for two whole days before it ****** me off. I live alone, see.<br />
<br />
I iron my my shirts and hang them away for use later in the week. When I need to wear one, i take it out and inspect it. If, by chance, it has a soft fold (read crease) in the back from hanging, I then need to process this. Now I know that I am about to drive in the car and that my back will probably be creased by sitting against the backrest.<br />
<br />
Yet, there is only one thing to do about the shirt before wearing it. IRON IT AGAIN. <br />
<br />
I am not a perfectionist - that would make me dysfunctional, even crazy.