Oh Lord Yes to the Point of Dr...

Oh Lord yes to the point of driving even me nuts.  I hate it when someone wants to help me do things, but I am learning to bite my tongue and let my guard down on some things.  The one thing I have learned is when my husband does the dishes I just smile and say thank you, and when his back is turned I redo them.  Isn't that sad?
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2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

I used to do the same thing until he caught onto me and quit helping with dishes, laundry, and bathrooms now! The other day I made the smallest comment that he forgot to clean the yard BEFORE mowing the grass so we would have to rake, and he bout lost it. I feel so bad! But honestly, these things seem like common sense to me. He keeps telling me they aren't. For the longest time I thought he was intentionally doing things the wrong way so I would just do them myself. I suppose he succeeded if that was his true intention. :)

I do the same thing- don't feel bad. It's almost completely ruined my relationship because I can't stand not having things done my way. (Not all things) But, most things such as you said- the dishes, also, organization, driving- etc...